LIVE: Strange Bones, Gathering of Strangers, Maddy Storm@ This Feeling, Jimmy’s Manchester 27.04.17

Walking down the steps of Jimmy’s is becoming rather familiar now- associated purely with knowing that I’m about to go and see some great new bands at a This Feeling event. Tonight brings Strange Bones of the North West, a band I’ve seen once before and put on an intense show. Before them are Gathering of Strangers and Maddy Storm, both BIMM based bands which I’ve heard much about.

Maddy Storm began the night with some mad hypnotic vocals. Her unique sound and wonderful wailing left the audience stunned and ready for more. Finishing with latest release ‘To The Sun’ she and her band put a great and unique start to the night.

Next up were Gathering Of Strangers, these lads put on a tight and well-performed show. Their set was littered with beautiful bass fills and squelchy synth not to mention a heck of a harmonica solo somewhere in between. They have a great dynamic between tracks and their live sound really did them justice. They are also to play Truck festival along side some massive names this summer in Oxfordshire.

Strange Bones headlined the night and what a way to end it. After seeing these guys previously it’s hard to believe they could bring any more energy to their performance than before, but they managed. Lead singer Bobby beats through the crowd in his ‘Burn the Tories’ tee shirt and megaphone in hand, setting the tone for the show. Although these guys are loud and outrageous, they are not sloppy; the band as a whole delivered song after song of class material. “Big Sister Is Watching” taken from their most recent EP ‘We The Rats’ got the whole crowd going and the atmosphere was immense. I would highly recommend seeing these lads whenever you get the chance; just prepare yourself for being shouted at in the face by a remarkable front man wearing a balaclava.

Words: Louis Barrett