LIVE: The Snuts @ Manchester Academy 27.04.22

Review and Photography by Jonathan Taylor

Instagram: jonathantaylorphotography

After the release of their critically acclaimed number 1 debut album ‘WL’ in 2021, The Snuts embark on a series of live show, playing venues that are the biggest capacity of their career to date.

Tonight’s stop is Manchester Academy. As proceedings begin, the notable difference since the bands last live shows is the significant increase in production value. With samples, loops and transition sections in between tracks, there is a real sense of progression and creative foresight from the band, which is a statement of intent as to the direction the band is taking.

The set opens with the politically charged ‘Burn The Empire’ which builds and implodes into heavy guitar riffs which sees half-filled plastic pint glasses launched in all directions. Up next is the bass driven ‘All Your Friends’ and ‘Maybe California’.

‘Top Deck’ is a stripped back master class which shows cases front man Jack Cochrane’s vocal ability, as does a moving rendition of ‘Boardwalk’. One of the notable highlights of the evening is hip hop inspired track ‘Elephants’ during which The Snuts are joined on stage by rapper Bemz.

New tracks ‘Burn The Empire’ and ‘Zuckerpunch’ are political and socially aware in their sentiment and it’s refreshing to hear a band of The Snut’s generation using their musical platform to highlight social injustice and political agendas.

From start to finish the evening is an anthemic masterclass, which draws on the band’s back catalogue, with the likes of ‘Don’t Forget it Punk’, ‘Juan Belmonte’ ,’No Place I’d Rather Go’, ‘Always’ and ‘Fat Boy Slim’.

The evening is brought to a close with fan favourite ‘Seasons’, a stripped back acoustic version of ‘Sing for Your Supper’ and the beautifully melodic ‘Glasgow’ which showcases the strength and maturity of Jack’s song writing ability.

After tonight’s performance, it is abundantly clear that The Snuts have struck gold in terms of a winning formula. The transparency and honesty in Jack Cochrane’s song writing, backed by perfectly melodic anthems, The Snuts have the songs to back their ambition and self belief. With just one album under their belt, but the ability to bring such a sense of unity with their music, it is incredibly exciting time as we embark on the journey with the lads from West Lothian as we wait with anticipation as to how the next chapter unfolds.