LIVE: The Streets – EartH London


Streamed live from EartH, London, The Streets showcase their budget-busting performance. Raw, fearless and full of that classic Streets charm, Mike Skinner and co may have produced the most enjoyable and enthralling livestreamed event yet.

Opening the set is the Streets classic, ‘Turn The Page’. As Skinner seamlessly transitions between his Greasy Spoon Cafeteria set to stage, he does so with a conversational flow only he can achieve. As the production values become obvious, Skinner’s repeated cries of, “This could all go horribly wrong” are the only thing reminding the audience that what they are seeing is being performed live. Following on from this was a quick snippet of, ‘Open The Till’ before launching into an undoubtedly rowdy renditions of, ‘Let’s Push Things Forward’ and, ‘Don’t Mug Yourself’.

As the set progressed the production values of the show shone through. Be it the cameo from IDLES, to perform the namesake for the latest Streets mixtape, ‘None of Us Are Getting Out of This Life Alive’, being streamed on various TV sets throughout the venue. Or the Skinners placement at a bar-front in-order to bring an extra level of depth to a blistering performance of, ‘Blinded By The Lights’. The event reached its emotional apex with a heart-wrenching rendition of, ‘Dry Your Eyes’, with Skinner’s vocal tenderness being expertly displayed.

Closing out the set was the one-two punch of, ‘Fit But You Know It’ and, ‘Take Me As I Am’. The former was a euphoric display of passion by the band. With each and every member of group giving it their all before blending seamlessly into the dirty-beat filled, ‘Take Me As I Am’. As the track closes out foam fills the screen from, “The world’s largest champagne bottle.” With the band and stage covered in foam and confetti the show drew to its close.

None of Us Are Getting Out of This Live Alive showcases the potential of a livestreamed gig to the fullest degree. With a gripping set layout and a tour de force performance from all The Streets crew, it’s the standard bearer for shows of this style.

Tom Dibb

Tom Dibb

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