LIVE: Truck Festival, Day 1

Truck Festival 2019 kicked off today on the hottest day of the year.

Rouge shoulders and cherry red faces are such a common sight, you’d think typical sunburnt Brit was this year’s fancy dress code. Not even the bum-bag wearing generation of festival fans can escape the sunburn comparisons to Refreshers bars.

With tents pitched with pegs bending in the rock-hard ground, the 38 degree heat made for a sweaty coming together at the Market Stage.

For indie rock fans, the tented stages are always the pick of the bunch for atmosphere and energy. Today, that rang true but it was a truth dripping in a collective sweat. The middle of the tent had less oxygen than the surface of moon.

Indoor Pets brought that extra terrestrial feel to the party as they walked on stage to ‘Crazy Frog’. Lead singer Jamie Glass was on hand with a never-say-die attitude to delivering his usual power and gutsy performance.

‘Terikyaki’ and ‘Barbiturates’ were the songs that made the crowd forget their “I can’t mosh in this heat” mentality, as the Market Stage was sent into a frenzy. Ending on ‘Pro Procrastinator’, Indoor Pets were a fitting act to get the weekend’s ball rolling.

Up next, Slaves. The punk duo drew a crowd that spilled out of the tent, with fans flocking like moths to a flame. 45 minutes of pure unadulterated punk filth.

After just one day of Truck Festival, it is clear that this is the festival that has taken the Indie Rock n Roll mantel from Reading & Leeds as they chase Grime and Dance.

And boy, does it feel good.