LIVE: The Wytches – Electric Ballroom, Camden 11.11.16

If you’re bored of reading about how great The Wytches are, you best click away now. The Brighton-based group played their biggest headline show to date at Camden’s Electric Ballroom on Friday night; and it was a loud, twisted, psych-tinged affair.

The crowd were hooked on the band’s romantic drone from start to finish as they ripped through a mixture of tracks from latest album All Your Happy Life, and debut Annabel Dream Reader. Whilst their songs and head-thrashing were fast and chaotic, everything from the volume to the light-show was carefully executed and sounded crystal clear.

Latest single ‘C-Side’ was a menace, and older tracks ‘Gravedweller’ ‘Crying Clown’ and ‘Wide At Midnight’ successfully flared up the mosh pit. Calmer tracks ‘A Feeling We Get’ and ‘Home’ were also gems in the band’s thorny crown, and revealed the gentler side to Kristian’s voice. Bassist Dan looked comfortable up front (despite telling us in a recent interview it took some adjusting too), and organist Mark who is now a permanent member of the group looked equally at ease.

Not a single word was spoken between songs or post-encore, and with trademark dark hair obscuring their faces for most of the set, the band remained mysterious and distant. It’s this unreachable but intensely likable quality which keeps fans coming back to The Wytches shows, and makes watching them live a hugely cathartic, entertaining experience.


All Your Happy Life is available to buy now. Follow The Wytches on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

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