London’s fiery Izzy Thomas releases poignant new single “Mad”

A prime example of a 21st century female alt/pop rock artist, Izzy Thomas brings an explosive and heartfelt performance in new single “Mad”. Known for her ability to bring fans together for her genre-blurring music, Thomas fuses the best of rock, pop and hip hop, melding a sound entirely her own. With powerhouse vocals screaming emotion and a simple guitar melody with a hint of grit the track builds into an infectious and fierce release. 

Showing audiences a more vulnerable side of herself, she sings about the trials and tribulations of modern dating and the fear of feelings not being mutual. With impassioned lyrics, Thomas really wants you to know she ain’t happy! Thomas explains, “In the single world, there seems to be a sea of emotionally damaged, unavailable people. Sometimes we subconsciously inhabit our ex’s ways and display them in our next relationship, because we’re afraid of opening up again. For the people ready for love this is irritating as hell! So this song is a light hearted poke of fun, about how ridiculous it all really is!” 

“Mad” is an anthem for everyone navigating the minefield of dating, narrating the emotions that we all face at some point in our lives and acting as a friendly reminder to let you know, that you’re not the only one going through these frustrations.