Madison Malone’s I & II is an authentic and emotive expression of her true artistic self

Openly pansexual singer-songwriter Madison Malone’s latest EP I & II is a personal and vulnerable look into themes such as growing up and coming out. This stunningly crafted release explores the beauty beneath the rubble, and finds light in even the darkest of places. The EP showcases five songs, each with two different versions. The first versions of each track are more stripped down and acoustic, with the second being more produced and showcasing different textual layers. 

“Quiet Down 2” is an empowering anthem of positivity, painting a vivid picture of universal love. The song encourages others to be fearless in who they are and to never “quiet down” in regards to who they love. Radiating with uplifting instrumentation, the listener is immediately overcome with intense feelings of joy and love.

While, “Home 1” is more intimate and nostalgic.  The song details the small farm town in Wisconsin where Malone grew up and ultimately had to leave in order to pursue her music career in Los Angeles.  A longing for home, this bittersweet recollection is deeply personal yet relatable for many who left somewhere they loved in order to achieve their dream. 

The minimalist soundscapes of “Fragile Heart 1” feature Malone’s feathery vocals gliding atop subtle piano. Tremendously light and delicate, the track seamlessly represents the feeling of something so fragile that it could crack at any moment.    

I & II carries profound meanings, transporting you to another time and place. Malone confides, “I hope my music inspires people to realize the beauty and intricacies of our similarities and differences and that there is strength in both”.