Making Of Me Jukebox: Kaleida

Ahead of a show at Birthdays today (October 18) celebrating the release of their debut album Tear The Roots, London duo Kaleida have shared the tracks that have influenced them, and lead to a sound that has landed them placing in Hollywood movies. 

The inspiration:

Here are 8 tracks that span some of our various influences: Cicely’s first experiences with tape-looping, through her late Godfather Johnathan Harvey, and her nostalgia for the hip hop beats of Arrested Development, Christina’s Kentucky roots in Appalachian folk music and the banjo playing of Buell Kazee, and her long relationship with the remote, moving music of The Knife, and our mutual love of minimal techno from female producers like Alexandra Atnif and Lena Willikens and early choral music (Tue es la vigne).”

The playlist:

Tear The Roots is out now

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