Mansun’s Paul Draper announces new solo track ‘Feeling My Heart Run Slow’

Paul Daraper of Mansun has today (August 21) unveiled that he is set to release a new track entitled ‘Feeling My Heart Run Slow’.

The news comes a day before the Mansun Convention in the band’s home town of Chester this Saturday (August 23). The event will play host to over 500 loyal fans who will flood into the sold out Live Rooms in Chester to celebrate the bands legacy, which has seen a number one album in the form of ‘Attack of the Grey Lantern’ as well as an impressive follow up LP entitled, ‘Six’.

Mansun’s Paul Draper said: “The event organisers contacted me to see if I’d help them out in any way towards the event so I gave them some of my old Mansun memorabilia for a charity auction. I also said that I’d play them a solo track of mine, so I booked some studio time and recorded a few songs. I’d originally planned on recording a solo album called Spooky Action after Mansun split but shelved it as I wasn’t in a place personally that I could make music at the time. However, the recording session went so well that we decided to do a second recording session and I loved playing so much with my new band that I’m putting together a whole album of these songs now. We’ve got on a real roll in the studio.”

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