Marc Ford LIVE (& INTERVIEW) @ Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh 29.05.14

How is Edinburgh treating you?

We came from Birmingham this morning and drove straight here, so what we have seen yeah… it’s OK.”

How has the tour been for you?

Tonight’s the last show so… It’s been six weeks and it’s been amazing. We have had our trials with things breaking down and getting ripped off in Valencia but you know, everyone is super cool and the band has a great sense of humour about these things and ultimately the shows have been great.

My favourite Song Is ‘Blue Sky’, do you have a particular favourite within the set?

They have all been going really great but there is certain ones like ‘Call Me Faithful’ that really works, and ‘Smoke Signals’ gets weird some times.

Is there any particular reason you got into music in the first place?

I was just attracted to it at a young age and I suppose I got good at it pretty quickly.

Other than a musical influence what else gets your songwriting “cogs’ turning?

Well yeah, everything. All’s I can do is write about experiences and sometimes is a collective of memories or certain situations.

Guitar-wise, is there anyone major influence?

Jimmy Hendrix still baffles me… We’re still catching up to him!

We stuck around for Marc’s show. The first song was a slow number, in fact, to be honest, the whole set was. That’s not to say its a bad thing, its just his vibe. The band as a sound reminds me of the Eagles when they play slow, plenty of sneaky melodies and plenty of vocal harmonies. Very Americana.

Marc’s Voice is deep, not only in pitch but in the way he projects the mood with vocals like “ You, all I ever wanted was you”. From chatting to Marc before the show I realised that he is not a very energetic character. That’s exactly what his stage show is like, there is not a lot of energy coming forth, however I would like to point out that it works… It just does. I don’t know if it has been intentional or if this is just the way he is but it’s very cool. Something you would expect from a Black Crowe, and highly recommended if you prefer a relaxing gig.