The Microdance LIVE @ Birthdays, Dalston 10.10.14


The Microdance are a four piece band from East London with a sound that is a mystifying concoction of alternative rock, shoegaze, grunge and metal, and I had the pleasure of seeing them at a venue that also doubles as a nightclub, Birthdays – situated in Dalston.

Since they weren’t the headline band of the night (that was Tokyo band Taffy), The Microdance only had thirty minutes to capture the attention of the crowd, but they managed to completely hypnotise the crowd in the smoky venue for all of those thirty minutes with their moody but energetic music. 2013 single ‘We Are Made Of Evil Things’ is a song that gives off a real Blood Red Shoes vibe; it’s also one that is blistering in some parts but delicate and dreamy in others, and this is the track that kicked off their half an hour set. Singer/guitarist Alex Keevill showcased the sheer ease at which he can make the transition from a raspy bark to a more subdued whisper with this one. They also played tracks from their upcoming album New Waves Of Hope as well as older track ‘Yoyo @ 26’ – a wave of chorus pedal drenched guitars, pounding drums and snarling vocals from Keevil that crashed over the appreciative audience. The new tracks from the album sounded brilliant live so, obviously, I think the album will be one to look out for when it arrives in November.

Junior Cobbinah