Midnight Divide radiates with captivating confidence in ‘Say You Believe’

Indie dark rock trio Midnight Divide bursts with self-assurance in their latest single entitled ‘Say You Believe’.   Erupting with bold instrumentation and deeply passionate lyrics, the track is a narration of overcoming faults to become the best version of you.

Frontman Austen Moret is an unlikely contender for a heartfelt musician. The 6’3″, 260-pound former Purdue football player, proves that looks can be very deceiving. His many emotional layers expressed through his seamlessly crafted songwriting, make Midnight Divide’s music raw and intensely powerful. 

The fiercely magnetic band fuses a variety of sounds from alt-rock drums and guitars to glistening synths and pop production. Emitting a raw and cinematic essence reminiscent of Queens Of The Stone Age, Moret shares, “I hope this music inspires someone to feel ok about feeling conflicted. That emotions don’t play by the rules and aren’t limited to one at a time, and that’s ok. You’re able to work through that and be a little fucked up about it”.  Check out the explosive, high-spirited new single ‘Say You Believe’ now.