Modern Faces LIVE @ Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline 12/4/14

The sheer volume of people approaching the Alhambra Theatre was reminsicent of the atmosphere around the Glasgow Barrowland prior to a gig. On entering the venue initial thoughts about the scale of this gig being bigger than imagined were immediately confirmed, with reports that there had been some 200+ walk-ins on the night, on top of 800+ ticket sales.

Support for the night included Bonehead and his new band ‘Phoneys & The Freaks’ (featuring Alex Lipinski) who did a fine job of firing-up a crowd who were quick to show their appreciation for the original Oasis member with repeated chanting of “Bone-head”. The timing of the gig – coinciding with the 20th anniversary of ‘Supersonic’ – only added to the intensity around the night. After the gig Alex informed me that the group plan to return to Scotland later in the year for their own tour.

modernfaces_recordlabelsModern Faces are a five piece band originating from Dunfermline, featuring Lee aka “Monty” on Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Mikey on Lead Guitar, Gaz on Drums, James aka “Shields” on Keys and Calum on Bass. After hearing their awesome song ‘Lufthansa’ (as featured on Soccer AM) I’ve since discovered the band have previously toured with Kasabian. Admittedly, whilst I had been looking forward to the gig, I was not expecting anything near the scale of this on the night.


By the time Lee and the band took to the stage it was clear this was going to be a night that would no doubt go down in ‘Fifer’ history. With the full-on stage and lighting set-up it was evident that Modern Faces were about to take themselves to a new level as Lee swaggered up to the mic in a Liam Gallagher-like manner and addressed the crowd with “Let’s f**king have it”.

Opening number ‘Cocaine Eyes’ was followed by ‘Cynical Brother’ and ‘The Dance’, with the boys in fine form and enjoying the gig as much as the crowd. Between songs the crowd chants of “Mo-dern Faces” showed their appreciation for their local heroes. While ‘Rock n Rolla’ ‘Gun for Hire’ caught my attention, the set was brought to a close with a rousing rendition of ‘Lufthansa’.

Returning for an encore, singer Lee introduced Bonehead to the crowd as both Modern Faces and Phoneys & The Freaks joined forces to send the crowd into a frenzy with a memorable version of Oasis’ track ‘Columbia’ from ‘Definitely Maybe’. ‘Pravda Scrolls’ followed before the evening was brought to a close with ‘No Mans Land’.

With a sound influenced by Kasabian, Oasis and The Roses, and singer Lee’s swagger, it should only be a matter of time before word of Modern Faces spreads. Having read about The Roses playing and conquering the Hacienda in the early days, I could not help but think these young princes had just conquered the ‘Kingdom of Fife’ with this show tonight. If you were in attendance you will know what I mean and perhaps this will be one of those nights you look back on and say “I was there”! Fifers are known to be notoriously tight and like to keep things for themselves… Sorry Fifers, Dunfermline’s best kept secret just got out!

Words: Bazza Mills

Bazza Mills
G'day my name is Bazza Mills! Whilst my wife watches reality TV shows, I enjoy listening to music, going to gigs and taking some photos. Growing up between Scotland and Australia exposed me to a variety of music and my tastes range from The Stone Roses to Guns N Roses. Typically, I love most things guitar based and have a love for live music and photography!