NEW MUSIC: Listen to Cassetter Theory’s new single ‘April’

At the time of recording their latest single, they had an average age of 16.5. “Cassette Theory” are an incredibly young but immensely talented, unbelievably driven and rapidly evolving quartet from Liverpool. They combine the jangly guitars and catchy hooks of indie rock; the hypnotic bass lines and enticing drumming of jazz, funk and math rock as well as the lyrical content of modern-day post punk. This produces the latest and greatest sound of one of the fastest growing genres of alternative music: jazz infused contemporary post punk.

The track draws influences from some of the fastest growing artists making music right now. These include: ‘Black MIDI’ and ‘Black Country, New Road’. ‘April’ has also greatly been influenced by ‘Sports Team’ as described in Cassette Theory’s recent interview with music and culture magazine: BidoLito! which is set to be released in early September of this year. As students of the ‘MAS Media Content Creators Course,’ which has turned out prolific bands such as The Night Café, Marscians and Monks, Cassette Theory bring a fresh and youthful sound which listeners can expect to hear a lot more from in years to come.