NEW SONG: Lucigenic - Hope

NEW MUSIC: Lucigenic – Hope – Gigslutz

When the phrase supergroup is mentioned the likes of 60’s bands such as Blind Faith including Eric Clapton and Steve Window, and The Dirty Mac, featuring Clapton, Keith Richards and John Lennon, might come to mind, with the latter collaboration of Paul Weller and Graham Coxon with the backing band of Mani and Zak Starkey fills the mind with wonderment seeing such esteemed names writing and collaborating. The latest to add into the mix is the recent line up of Lucigenic.

Made up of the poetic, soaring, angelic voice of lead singer Lucy Wyatt, with hubby Gary providing majestic guitar licks, Simon Wolstencoft (Ian Brown, Stone Roses,The Fall) on drums, Dave Barbarossa (Adam and the Ants, Republica) also delivery beats a plenty, Mark Refoy (Spacemen 3) charming guitar patterns, Mark Woolfenden on soulful bass, whilst Steve Etherington (Sisters Of Mercy) and Chris Toole propping up the rear, there are no slouches here.

The first track that the band have released should be lauded all over the place. Entitled simply ‘Hope’ is quite magnificent, it’s beauty takes your breath away from its first pleading gentle chords, as it glides on wings of speed, the band shifts the gears effortlessly, before the chorus really gets some power chords into its structure, the listener is again drawn in to the gently folk pop canter in the middle section before the lead into the last strains of the track played out in to a charge pulsating beat.

Sound like the very best bits of Siouxsie Sioux with a backing band sounding like A Certain Ratio, you’re hitting the heights of this unbelievable track. How this track has not featured on the playlists of the main stations already is beyond me. Here hoping sense will prevail and the nations hearts and ears will be entertained by the simply gorgeous Lucigenic.

Lucigenic can be found via their Twitter and Facebook pages