NEW MUSIC: Tom Hannay Shares Latest Single ‘The Feeding Hand’, The Lead Single From His Upcoming Album

Tom Hanny releases his latest single The Feeding Hand. A combination bluesy-riffs and country tones, the track demonstrates Hannay’s distinctly British take upon hazy Southern American sounds.

Birthed from Hannay’s mobile home, in which he tours the nation, The Feeding Hand takes influence from across the musical scope. Blending clear influences from Southern America, the bluesy riffs that propel the track co-mingle with Hannay’s soulful nature. Despite this, the track never looses its distinctly British snarl. Tongue-in-cheek lyrics pepper the track and provide it with an edge that can only come from Britain.

This is not to state that the track is an aggressive attack however, far from it. The track acts as an insight into the character of Hannay. Differentiating between soaring riff and delicate vocal delivery, that sets the song-writers soul out for all to see. This melodic cohesion is perhaps best encapsulated within the tracks chorus. Wonderfully built melodies and escalating vocals truly emphasise the tracks nature, even if the chorus does instruct the listener to, “stick it where the sun don’t shine”. The soulful tones of the vocal delivery only serve to further the country feel to the track.

The Feeding Hand demonstrates the genre-bending abilities of Hannay. Taking various influences from across a broad musical scope, the track emphasises these various styles, whilst holding a unique twist upon them and never straying far from his London roots. Who knows what style he will be influenced by next. Perhaps the next place his campervan takes him.