NEW MUSIC: Yasmin Kiddle – Always Come Around single review

NEW MUSIC: Yasmin Kiddle – Always Come Around single review

The luxurious soul songstress Yasmin Kiddle is back with her latest single, the flowing beauty Always Come Around which features collaborations with Steve Cradock and Hannah Peel. Following a clutch of impressive singles Yasmin is making a firm dent as a singer / songwriter with a career made up of impressive self-composed ballads, surprisingly not reaching the sort of crowds that Adele has managed to achieve. All in good time.

Always Come Around is packed full of dynamite soul, Franklin and Warrick would cry out for a song such as this in their prime. Kiddle swoons ‘run into my arms, bring me back to life’ accompanying a grand piano before a single a cello joins in. This powerful love torn ballad is a classic, emotions running wild throughout the track as multiple cellos introduce themselves whilst Kiddle continues her harmonies as a small crack is apparent in her vocal, you can tell Kiddle means everything she is conveying in song.  

This stand out single easily equals many release by Houston, Ross and Springfield, yes Yasmin Kiddle is a force to be reckoned with and one to keep a firm eye on in the ever growing circle of soul singers. There is no fakery here, just pure and simple soul.

Interview with Yamsin Kiddle

How did you enjoy playing gigs with Ocean Colour Scene?

It’s probably one of the best experiences I’ve had in music yet. I feel like it was a good test for me as well, to go into something that big. It helped me grow in confidence, allowed me to see what it’s like to play in such amazing venues and gave me a glimpse of tour life. 

What was the fans reaction? 

I had such a warm welcome and it was really nice to come back on the second tour and have fans remember me and support me! Something that was really special was people who had followed my journey from the first tour to then – and I got a sense of everyone rooting for me. 

You’ve released a further new single Always Come Around. It features a collaboration with Hannah Peel, plus the assistance of Steve Cradock once again. How did you hook up with Hannah?

It was thanks to Steve, he emailed the song to Hannah who said she loved it and was kind enough to write the beautiful cello score, which I’ll be forever grateful for. 

Are you happy with the overall results of the new single?

In terms of peoples response it has been really good, a lot of fans saying it’s their favourite song of mine so far!

It’s a really personal song for me, so it’s been great to see people really connect to it and enjoy the song so much.

I feel with ballads you run the risk of sounding generic, with this I didn’t set out to write a ballad, it came from an emotional place, so I think that’s why people are connecting to it. 

What are you planning to do next in your musical career?

I’m going to be releasing a lot of music this year, collaborating with other artists, experimenting with sounds and having fun with it. 

Do you intend to release an album at some point?

An album is the ultimate goal and always in mind, I have some songs written that I’m sure will be kept for it. However at this stage in my career, I will be releasing lots of singles that I’m excited to put out. I’m still finding my sound, my place and experimenting with lots of things, so I’m in no rush. 

Are you playing more live gigs?

Yes! I’ve got two great shows coming up in February. Firstly a free show at the Bedford in Balham on the 13th, with some other amazing female artists for an all-female line up. Then on the 21st I’m performing in Hoxton for the quarter final of The Isle Of White ‘New Blood’ competition, which is really exciting. It would be a dream to get to play at the Isle Of White festival.

Then in March I’ll be supporting Leah Weller for her headline show in Holborn!

I’m switching up the live performance for 2020 as well and I’m going to be joined by the fresh and very talented Cass Cradock on stage!

Finally, what’s on your turntable at present?

Girl ultra, I don’t understand most of what she says as she’s singing in Spanish but her melodies and the music is fucking great. 

Always Come Around can be purchased via the following link