REVIEW: C91, Cherry Red Records 1991 box set

NEW RELEASE: C91, celebrating the year 1991 , released by Cherry Red

The latest in the hugely successful ‘C’ series, riffing on the original ‘C86’ cassette. Follows previous best-selling collections C86 (2014), C87 (2016), C88 (2017), C89 (2018) and C90 (2020). 59 tracks charting the ongoing rise to dominance of the independent music scene, as once shoestring artists and labels began to find themselves embraced by the mainstream.

Produced by the team that brought you Scared To Get Happy, Still in a Dream, Another Splash of Colour, Electrical Language, Musik Music Musique and countless other critically acclaimed hit box sets.Top of Form Packed with well-known favourites – The Charlatans, Manic Street Preachers, Dodgy, Saint Etienne, The Cranberries, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Northside, etc – alongside underground and cult independent heroes – Sultans of Ping fc, Chapterhouse, Kingmaker, The Stairs, Flowered Up, Levitation and many, many more.

Having successfully crossed over from the bedsit to the mainstream throughout 1989 and 1990, independent artists quickly began to dominate the British musical landscape, bringing an authentic new energy to a stagnant, Thatcherite pop scene. 1991 saw countless indie artists score hit singles and albums as the scene continued to mutate and adapt regionally, politically and aesthetically – from Manic Street Preachers’ urgent, punk-infused anthems and the outer edges of shoegaze and psychedelic songcraft offered by Chapterhouse and Levitation, through to the dancefloor friendly adventures of Flowered Up and St Etienne, the art-school informed Kingmaker and established baggy favourites The Charlatans, 1991 offered up the broadest and richest smorgasbord of accessible, street-level artists the UK’s youth had known in a decade.

‘C91’ is a snapshot of that time and place, bringing together the cream of the 1991 independent landscape and offering a rollercoaster of hits, near-misses and curiosities along the way. With thoughtful sleeve notes from Lois Wilson (Record Collector and MOJO) and fantastic mood- capturing artwork we’ve come to associate with the ‘C’ series, this set – the sixth in the series – continues a journey begun with ‘C86’, charting an essential, alternative view of the British music scene as it moved towards the inevitability of the 21st Century.

Track Listing:

1 Daisy Chainsaw – Love Your Money
2 Dodgy – Summer Fayre
3 Kingmaker – When Lucy’s Down
4 Catherine Wheel – Black Metallic
5 Sultans Of Ping F.C. – Where’s Me Jumper?
6 Bleach – Bethesda
7 Revolver – Crimson
8 The Wendys – Pulling My Fingers Off
9 The Stairs – Weed Bus (Flower Shop Demo)

10 Poppy Factory – 7 x 7
11 The Cranberries – Them
12 The Dylans – Godlike
13 Moose – Jack
14 Spirea X – Jet Pilot
15 Levitation – Nadine
16 Bang Bang Machine – Flower Horse
17 Sweet Jesus – Honey Loving Honey
18 Sun Dial – Fireball
19 Fabulous – There’s A Riot Going On
20 Drop – Drone 1 21 Blueboy – Clearer

1 The High – Up And Down
2 The Charlatans – Over Rising
3 Top – She’s Got All The World
4 Chapterhouse – Pearl
5 Saint Etienne – Nothing Can Stop Us
6 Flowered Up – I’ll Be Your Dog (Introducing Barry Mooncult)
7 World Of Twist – Sweets
8 Stan – My Delight
9 Paris Angels – Oh Yes
10 Lush – For Love
11 Scorpio Rising – Watermelon
12 Boo Radleys – The Finest Kiss
13 Slowdive – Morningrise
14 Spectrum – (I Love You) To The Moon & Back
15 Secret Shine – Grey Skies 16 Medalark Eleven – Snake
17 Smashing Orange – Not Very Much To See
18 The Forever People – Sometimes

1 Manic Street Preachers – Stay Beautiful
2 Northside – Take 5

3 Ever – Virginize
4 Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Until You Find Out
5 Th’ Faith Healers – Gorgeous Blue Flower In My Garden
6 Spitfire – Dive
7 Honey Smugglers – Closer
8 Horse Latitudes – Northern Country Lie
9 See See Rider – Stolen Heart
10 Steamkings – In Your Room
11 Greenhouse – New World Order
12 Gentle Despite – Shadow Of A Girl
13 Moonflowers – Fire
14 Raintree County – Here It Comes
15 Heavenly – So Little Deserve
16 Headtime – Have You Heard
17 Tramway – Maritime City
18 Mexico 70 – What’s In Your Mind
19 Fuel – Honey Comes Softly
20 The Sweetest Ache – Sickening

Released January 21, 2022, C91 is available to pre-order here