NEW TRACK: 485C – ‘Strange Medicine’

‘Strange Medicine’ is the second digital release from London five-piece 485C – and yes, in case you’re wondering, that is a Pantone colour code; more specifically the red used on our wonderful Central Line. Take from that what you will.

It follows an encouraging debut single ‘She’ll Lie’, which was championed by Steve Lamaq on BBC Radio 6.

The follow-up, two-minute track ‘Strange Medicine’, bears a strong resemblance to The Strokes‘ first album with the lead singer’s Casablancas-esque vocals, punchy drums and catchy guitar riffs.

Adam Humes’ vocals combine with his band mates to create the perfect harmony for a chorus that manages to pull off the lyric “kill me, I’m already dying” in a poppy and upbeat manner.

‘Strange Medicine’ has a political undercurrent while simultaneously reminding you to have fun, tap your feet and dance around to some good music.

‘Strange Medicine’ is released on February 24 by Fierce Panda Records.

Paige Hartley