New Track: Adam Cleaver – ‘The Salt Mine’

Plucky guitar sounds greet the listener at the opening of Adam Cleaver‘s latest release, ‘The Salt Mine’. Quickly, Coldplay-esque electric guitars burst onto the track; a warning that this London-based musician is not content to be labelled as a mere acoustic singer-songwriter. Indeed, it’s hard to pin-point exactly what genre of music Cleaver is producing here – it seems to span from folk to indie to classic rock and back again.

The Coldplay comparisons aren’t just limited to the track’s instrumentation – Cleaver’s vocals are enough to give Chris Martin’s vocal range a run for its money. The track builds and builds, before reaching a climactic, rousing ode to a lost love. However, ‘The Salt Mine’ never loses its whimsical feel despite its powerful finish, culminating in a stirring, emotional track that feels inherently personal, poignant and raw.

After a year of raising his profile on the open mic circuit, Adam Cleaver is set to release ‘The Salt Mine’ in early June, with an EP due out in Autumn. With support coming from the likes of XFM and Amazing Radio, Adam Cleaver looks set to make his mark on the alternative music scene. And, with his unique vocals and original music, why shouldn’t he?


Tara Hodgson