New Track: We Came From Wolves – ‘Places Unfamiliar’

Scottish rockers We Came From Wolves have just dropped a stomper of a release that’s sure to delight your eardrums.

‘Places Unfamiliar’ is short (coming in at three minutes), but high octane enough to warrant some moderate head-banging… And will hopefully have you yelling along with as much gusto as front-man Kyle Burgess.

For fans of Don Broco – you can’t help but notice the similarities between the two bands -, ‘Places Unfamiliar’ does nothing to buck this trend. Thrashing and stomping its way to the end, only relenting briefly to give way for more brooding interludes and to let you catch your breath.

Not ones to let down their overall sound with pithy lyrics either, the band match their bruising beats with an honest exploration of Burgess’ struggle with depression that he claims in part subsided thanks to being in the band. He says of the track:

“…it is a frank account and admission that this is who I am. I have to be honest with those around me and confess that I have no desire to bring about an end to this lifestyle. The other side of the coin is a dark place for me – I need the band to focus my energy and creativity towards. It took me a long time to realise just how much this means to me…this song was the realisation. This song saved me.”


‘Places Unfamiliar’, the new track from We Came From Wolves, is out now via Vadana Records. 

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