New Track: Exhibitionist – ‘Motionless’

Brand new and bringing a breadth of creativity and enchanting essence along with her, is the heavenly sound of Kirsty Tickle, the bewitching multi-instrumentalist from Sydney and solo project behind Exhibitionist. Kirsty released her debut single ‘Hands’ back in spring 2017, and her absorbing emergence immediately left her first batch of listeners wanting more. Now she is present once again with her new track ‘Motionless’, and it was enough to convince her spectators that ‘Hands’ wasn’t just a one off; the style and atmosphere in her work has already formed consistency and once again, has left us keen to hear more.

Kirsty uses a series of unique combinations to fabricate her own kind of alternative electro-pop genre, which is both fervent and delicate at every turn. Her ability to render such smooth transitions between thin and thick textures gives her work an atmosphere that is impossible to describe in words alone, as there is something extraterrestrial about her music that exudes intensity and passion. The unification of the blazing bass and fluttering staccatos in ‘Motionless’, with the addition of her lulling vocals, amount to nothing but pure euphoria from the listener’s perspective. On top of this, her voice is powerfully harmonised in company with predominant percussion, and concludes her work with a beautiful touch of femininity that is tender yet energetic in every aspect.

So far, both ‘Hands’ and ‘Motionless’ have been works of unrestricted genius, and it is excruciating yet reassuring that she has certainly not unveiled the full extent of her inventiveness just yet.

Bronwyn Riseley