NEW TRACK: Findlay – ‘Waste My Time’

I saw something on Facebook the other day about how women always make things better: if you give a woman a house she’ll make a home, if you give her ingredients she’ll make a meal, etc. Similarly, if you give Natalie Findlay (AKA, just Findlay) a guitar she’ll give you a f*cking good tune.

That said, the fact that Findlay’s a woman is pretty irrelevant. Still, now, I see the phrase ‘female musician’ thrown around as though it’s some sort of novelty, as though only men can be just ‘musicians’.  But I digress, and as Findlay proves with ‘Waste My Time’, she is most certainly a musician; and a very talented one.

Having pieced together a faultless band, ‘Waste My Time’ is the latest taste of what’s to come from Findlay’s much anticipated album, Forgotten Pleasures. Cool-as-shit, anthemic and ‘Waste My Time’ has only made us more impatient for the album.

Forgotten Pleasures is out in February. Watch the new video for ‘Waste My Time’ below:


Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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