New Track: Flash Bang Band – ‘Spooky Action At A Distance’

After starting in 2008, Flash Bang Band have recorded several singles which have taken hold of their identifiable genre of acidic garage pop-rock. The start of 2015 led the three piece band on a tour of Europe with the promotion of their debut album, Bite Your Tongue. Whilst on tour, Andy Halliday (vocals/guitar), Rob Carmier (bass/vocals) and Rodney Roodt (drums) listened to a lot of motoric music, which helped to produce the sounds we hear on new single, ‘Spooky Action At A Distance’. The track has a lot more gritty and electronic beats than the band usually go for, but the blend of grunge and pop mix well, producing some unique material.

The single is a step in the darker direction, living up to the genre of ‘Death Pop’ that the band are sometimes dubbed as. Their refined sound enveloping and expanding upon the style of their live performances.

The members of the Brighton band have revealed that SAaaD is about being led astray by friends, but receiving a thrill from it. They want the song to emit feelings of intoxication with close ones, whilst also hinting at the possibility of being alienated. SAaaD is dedicated to those friends that get us into trouble, yet we still keep in our hearts.

Spooky Action At A Distance is due for release 14 June. 


Meg Benbow