New Track: Frett – ‘Drop Of Starch’

Simon Lucas-Hughes, Elliot Buckle and their electronic brain-child Frett have been making waves across the blogosphere and the physical universe since the beginning of their musical collaboration several years ago. Emerging from the dark borderlands of Suffolk and Essex, the duo have been crafting complex indie electronica with nods to the likes of Sivu and Kiasmos, whilst also drawing on Flume and Chet Faker ,whom they cover often in their live set.

With tracks such as ‘Porcelain’ and ‘Tyro’ garnering the attention of ID and Wonderland Magazine it is evident that both Simon and Elliot are capitalising on their song writing prowess and intricate sonic pallets to create interesting and thought provoking music. ‘Drop of Starch’ is a movement away from the complexity of their back catalogue and an exploration into something simpler and, in some ways, significantly more poignant.

The monotony of the rhythm section contrasts brilliantly with the intricate guitar layering and Simon’s high pitched wailing. It is a track so simple in its delivery that it takes a couple of listens to truly appreciate the sinuous folds and ascending melodies Frett have managed to create.


Aaron Powell

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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