New Track: Friend – ‘The Evening Crowns The Day’

Zurich-born Dominik Huber (aka Friend) has already asserted himself as the king of soaring vocals fused with serene hypnagogic beats – and latest offering ‘The Evening Crowns The Day’ is no exception to that enchanting combination.

Taken from his eleven-track-strong forthcoming album, the track has already received impressive praise from the likes of Clash, astutely observing “There’s a little David Lynch in here”.

There is a certain poignancy to the lyrics that is all the better observed by the listener for the clockwork rhythm and echoing starkness of the track, reminiscent of both Grizzly Bear and Sufjan Stevens.

On the meaning behind the words, Huber explains “We all have our paralysing moments when we reach a point in our lives, feeling like we haven’t achieved anything and nothing we own is what we wanted,” continuing “It’s not easy to escape from that lonely trip, trapped in a strange dream where nobody wakes you up. But every time we look back, life wasn’t half as bad as we thought it was, was it?”.

It’s unusual for songs to marry up both musically and lyrically, yet Friend compromises on neither and profits on both in ‘The Evening Crowns The Day’. Give it a listen.

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