NEW TRACK: GANGS – ‘Thieves’

GANGS, a Glasgow rock & roll four piece consisting of Steven Young (vocals, guitar), Stevie McLaren (guitar), Marc MacCallum (bass, vocals) and Stephen Forbes (drums) kick off their career with their debut single ‘Thieves’; a stompy, beat-you-to-the ground kind of track.

Similar to many tracks of this punked up rock & roll sound, ‘Thieves’ is opened with a rumbling distorted repetitive bass line, and supported by a constant kick and snare beat. It’s sounds like The Birthday Party and Slaves have been thrown into the same pot.

Young’s vocals push the track along, working with the constant slugging guitar, bass and drum combo, and flourishes at the catchy, few-words chorus: “Take a look around, Thieves are coming”. The song’s rampant end rounds off this relentless two and a half minute ditty in style, going out all guns blazing.

This is definitely a band to keep your eyes on. Clattering from the cracks of Glasgow’s underbelly, GANGS are coming.

‘Thieves’ is out now via Smooth Action Records.

Warren Allett