‘Every Little Means Trust’ is the third single taken from Idlewild‘s eighth album Everything Ever Written, which was released in February via Empty Words. With vocals and guitar flowing in harmony, this love song transports me to a place where relaxation and engagement co-exist.

After two decades in the business of making music, it is clear from the track that Idlewild are a versatile bunch – comfortable in their boots and capable of making the ear of the most tired of listeners perk up, on this occasion if only as a means to reflect on heartbreak and feed hope into one’s broken soul. One of the most painful emotions to contend with in life is disappointment. Having hope softens its edges, numbing the pain a little. This track is all that.

Frontman Roddy Woomble describes ‘Every Little Means Trust’ as an easy to sing along to track, not dissimilar to previous releases ‘American English’, ‘Live in a Hiding Place’ and ‘Love Steals Us From Loneliness’: fine Idlewild  songs seasoned with an abundance of melodic curlicues.

The video accompanying the track sizzles as a backdrop, thanks to the presence of ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ star Jay Baruchel. Roaming wistfully in the Scottish countryside with a backpack, Baruchel reflects on life after broken love. The video and track combined throw me to the same deliciously sweet place where life flourishes after love.

A lot of influences spring to mind; Springsteen, Steve Earle, REM, Bob Seger, Crowded House, The Waterboys. In terms of wretched disappointment, ‘Every Little Means Trust’ is Earle’s ‘Billy Austin’ with a reprieve, a lifeline and a slither of light at the end of a gloomy tunnel.

My guess is that this track will win Idlewild plenty of new friends and admirers.

‘Every Little Means Trust’ is out now.


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