New Track: My Invisible Friend – ‘Sleepless’

There’s something about the height of summer – those hazy days as the sun unforgivingly beats down – that lends itself to shoegaze music. This is where My Invisible Friend enter with ‘Sleepless’.

Perhaps it’s the sheer relentless discomfort of the stifling heat. It tends to lead to the sense that our brains are slowly melting. A temporary loss of being able to think straight is never a bad thing though, and the Italian trio have managed to capture that loss of coherence in an 18-minute odyssey.

‘Sleepless’ is a fierce and unabated amalgamation of typically harsh, distorted guitars with hypnotic basslines, entrancing drum beats, and dreamy, indeterminable vocals.

The end product is a perfect soundtrack to accompany your stagger home, sun-burnt and worse for wear after the afternoon in the beer garden turned into a night out; a nonetheless compelling journey which should take five minutes but takes closer to 20 as your brain struggles to comprehend the rest of the world anymore.

Isn’t summer great?

The upcoming self-titled EP from My Invisible Friend is out 19 September. 

Rob Conlon

Rob Conlon

Rob Conlon

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