New Track: Pertini – ‘Blackfriars Bridge’

The debut single from Italian-London band Pertini, is as much of a bridge as the single’s namesake. The duo manage to bridge indie-pop with dreamy electronica in this track as poppy bass riffs sit quite happily against galactic-sounding synths. The lazy vocals of Sandro Schiena have an bitter edge, as he chastises apathy and indifference; a perfect contradiction to the bright, bubbly sounds he sings over.

After having to abandon his first musical venture due to a fellow band member answering the calls of the cloth (hand on heart, completely true), Schiena relocated to London after establishing his new band with Kevin Barthelemy. ‘Blackfriars Bridge’ is their first offering, and with its ability to compliment an English summer perfectly, there’s no reason to assume Pertini will be disbanded in any similar fashion.

With a wonderful new video directed by SXSW award winner Marko Anstice, ‘Blackfriars Bridge’ is out now, and you can catch Pertini live at The Monarch, Camden on 5 August.


Tara Hodgson