New Track: Piney Gir – ‘Keep It Together’

Quirky American Piney Gir was nourished on a diet of music from a young age. She has been playing instruments since the age of four and writing songs from the age of nine. With ‘Keep It Together’, the first digital release from sixth album Mr Hyde’s Wild Ride, she has perfected the formula of a girl power pop anthem about pushing forward despite obstacles.

Deliciously uplifting, this is more than a toe tapping track. It’s a gleeful, shake your booty on the dance floor kind of tune, with a hay bale of country thrown in. ‘Keep It Together’ is so versatile, it would fit in anywhere from a wild masked ball to a woodland festival. The two accompanying tracks – ‘Midnight With The Stars And You’ and ‘I Don’t Need Love’ – are equally as catchy.
Everything about Gir is mischievous, fizzy and over the top. As the video unfolds, I’m mesmerised by her eccentric dancing. The flapping hands and ethereal moves are mind-boggling to watch.

Of the many ways to indulge in a little summer happiness, a daily dose of ‘Keep It Together’ is a new favourite. The lyrics that repeatedly flash into my mind are: “So I’m thinking that I could make you happy every day” and “If seeing is believing then I believe that I can see for miles.”

This upbeat track is a slice of awesome. Best enjoyed with a cold glass of something on a sunny afternoon.

‘Keep It Together’ is available for download on 27 April and Mr Hyde’s Wild Ride is out in June.


Helen Marie Grant

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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