New Track: Rebel Westerns – ‘Atomic Blonde’

Since The 1975 and Bastille’s rise to fame in 2013, the demand for synth-driven indie pop has never been higher. Scotland seem to be producing the best of the best within this genre, with bands such as Prides and Fatherson breaking onto the scene. And with Rebel Westerns’ new single ‘Atomic Blonde’, this might just be their ticket into the big league.

Rebel Westerns really have gone all out on the production of this song: it’s nicely written, brilliantly recorded and the synth and vocal hooks are well thought of. As soon as the vocal melody hits your ears, you can almost feel yourself singing along already. Although the drum pattern is repetitive, it pairs perfectly with the vocal hook in the chorus, and really makes you want to get up and dance.

If Rebel Westerns come back with another couple of tunes like this, they’re going to have no problem getting to where they want to be.

‘Atomic Blonde’, the new single from Rebel Westerns, is out 9 September via Depot Records. 

James Ingham

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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