New Track: Schultz – ‘Vivid’

The city of Newcastle has recently given birth to a new progressive dark-pop band who go by the name of Schultz. The four piece outfit have just released their debut single, ‘Vivid’. Immediately, vocal wise, I can draw similarities to Ian Curtis, or even Ryan Gosling in ‘Dead Man’s Bones’. Not every day you get compared to Ryan Gosling. After forming in 2013, the band found their signature sound, described as a combination between modern math rock, vast soundscapes of ambient and Shoegaze music, and the dark baritone vocals of an ’80s Indie and Goth variety.

Narc Magazine recently described Schultz as managing to, “defy any logic of genres and skip with ease between Smiths-esque indie, dark Joy Division post punk and Dutch Uncles-like quirkiness, making them one of the most interesting and genuinely exciting bands around at the minute.” This is a very agreeable point. The sound certainly is unique and branches away from the obvious and overplayed, and is sure to get noticed. With an added darkness to the music, and a hypnotic quality to the vocals, ‘Vivid’ creates an alluring mystery that will draw you in without fail.

In terms of the sound the band are producing, there can be no modern day comparison. It certainly is distinctive and will grab your attention. Certainly if this initial single is anything to go by, Schultz will have a very bright future ahead of them: modern math rock will soon be a genre everyone will have heard of.  


Oliver Hope


Oliver Hope
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