NEW TRACK: The Shapers – ‘Secrets’

Emerging French rock band, The Shapers, resemble the punk pop tones of Green Day, mixed with the pure rock elements of the Foo Fighters. The band have already been directed by the Media Director of Vans, who has previously worked with the Foo’s, Imagine Dragons, and many more.

Taken from their EP “Reckless Youth”, ‘Secrets’ has an accompanying music video, directed by the Foo Fighters’ associate. Enthused with ironically reckless punk, the band introduce themselves with heavily distorted guitar work before leading into their ever catchy chorus. With a perfect combination of distorted punk guitar and vocals, this track proves to be an anthem.

Having already toured in China, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Thailand, sampling the band from this track, what’s the next stop for The Shapers? The world.

Find out more about The Shapers below:




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