New Track: Sheepy – ‘Home’

Sheepy is the performing moniker of Liverpool’s Luke Jones and his talented band who specialise in easy to fall for 3 minute pop tracks. Their new single ‘Home’ is no different and, accompanied by its feelgood video, is a refreshing change from the all too many earnest and dour outputs from the guitar genre currently. It’s easy to draw comparisons from North West compatriots (The Coral/La’s), but their breezy pop hooks are very much their own identity.

This single is the second to be released from the upcoming album Alarm Bells. The jauntiness of the track itself belies the thoughtful undertones of the lyrics (which explain that youthful feeling of feeling restless while finding oneself), as drummer Ollie Phillips underpins the track with a Strokes-esque tempo.

Sheepy’s efforts over the past few years, paired with their musical abilities, suggest that they deserve a bit more attention and hopefully this new long player will provide that opportunity. ‘Home’ will thrill their loyal followers, whilst bringing in a new wave of optimistic young bucks with its power pop melody and memorable rhythms.

Sheepy go on tour shortly and have a sound that will transfer well to the live arena.

Alarm Bells, the upcoming album from Sheepy, is out 7 April via Blang Records.


James Van Praag

James Van Praag

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