New Track: Sofia – ‘Untamable (Kandylion Remix)’

Having previously recorded a bold and moving rendition of Jesse J’s ‘Do It Like A Dude’ (premiered on Gigslutz), international artist Sofia is back with a new single. ‘Untamable’ originally featured on Sofia’s debut EP Once Upon A Time but has now been given a Kandylion makeover and re-worked into a club mix, taking the New York dance scene by storm.

‘Untamable’ gently pulses out of your speakers with its soft synths and vocals warped to such a low pitch that you can barely make out what is being sung. However, this draws the focus of the track towards the pulsing, house beat which takes over the chorus in an uplifting and sensational moment of added gentle synths. The bridge then takes us by surprise by stripping away the beat and momentarily pausing before picking up where it left off.

It’s easy to see how New York has embraced ‘Untamable (Kandylion Remix)’, as the pumping house beat creates a floor-filling anthem with an attached ‘feel-good’ factor due to the electronic warmth. It won’t be too long before the UK will be following New York’s example.

Sofia is currently putting the finishing touches to her album, In The City, due for release later this year. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!


Nicky Lee Delisle

Nicky Lee-Delisle

Nicky Lee-Delisle