New Track: The Spitfires – ‘So Long’

‘So Long’ is the new single from Watford based band, The Spitfires. Having a musical-based upbringing, listening to bands such as The Clash and The Jam, these influences are distinctively evident within the track. Together, the band combine Joe Strummer and Paul Weller-inspired vocals together with an enthralling, funky ’80s-reminiscent riff.

Collectively passion induced, the drumming pattern complements the chorus, bringing the track together. Advancing the track further is the invigorating riff within the bridge of the track, resembling the likes of Catfish and The Bottlemen.

Despite the exhilarating beginning, the track’s exceptional standard is maintained throughout its entirety. Piano chords flow gently in the backing instrumental of the track, capturing a true sense of the band’s capability.

Having performed over 250 gigs, the raw talent harboured from these shows shines throughout ‘So Long’. If this band is good enough for the likes of Paul Weller himself, they’re undoubtedly worth a listen.

‘So Long’ is set for release 1 April.  And you can find more about The Spitfires and listen to their music here at their website.

Lottie Stuart