New Track: The Cradles – ‘Ideal Girl’

Welsh quintet The Cradles formed in 2012 and have slowly but surely garnered recognition from the likes of BBC Radio 6 for their refreshingly unconventional sound. Partly reminiscent of The Beatles on account of their retro vocals, the band also pay homage to Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines.

Their newest single, ‘Ideal Girl’, was well received by Spotify users, earning words of praise such as “it makes me want to smash things, in a good way”; that surely must be a sentiment that most emerging indie rock bands can only aspire to evoke within their listeners.

With a healthy inclusion of instrumental interludes that integrate falling guitar chords with frantic bass lines and driving drum beats, The Cradles succeed in creating a sense of urgency without being afraid to give way to softer refrains. Drawing on melodious backing vocals that complement the 60s rock band vibe perfectly, the band still retain a distinctly modern twist which in turn puts to words a teenage angst that is universal to every generation.

‘Ideal Girl’, out 25 March via Solva Records.

Matilda Bywater