New Track: The Thermals – ‘Thinking Of You’

We all pretend that we hate the bottom indie/alt floor of the shitty club on a Tuesday night, but really we are massive losers for screaming post-break up anthems. The side fringe and hair dye stains on our finger days aren’t that far behind us.

Portland based trio The Thermals clearly understand this nostalgic need. Shooting from the hip, their latest track ‘Thinking of You’ spits all the crap that we put up with in relationships, then get pissed off about after a break up.

Strong vocals blast effortlessly in male/female harmony as rhythmic drums kick in the background. Layered with 70s punk and 80s pop bounce, it’s punchy, perky and to the point. No reading between the lines here folks, The Thermals are straight talking  –I’ve been thinking about the times we had, how you drove me crazy, how I drove you mad”.

Combining a classic “woah woah” infectious chorus and fiery electric guitar, ‘Thinking Of You’ has a hook so sweet, it could scare off a dentist, but the singalong sensibility is well worth the sugar-rush.

Forget whining into an acoustic guitar, The Thermals uplift and kick ass.

‘Thinking of You’ is lifted from The Thermals’ forthcoming album We Disappear set for release 25 March via Saddle Creek.

Tanyel Gumushan