New Track: Thula Borah – ‘The Psychopath Test’

Hitting hard with meaty distorted guitar riffs from the outset and throughout, Thula Borah are showing us they mean business. Hailing from Scotland, we can only expect the best from a progressive rock band, with the likes of Biffy and Twin Atlantic being flagship artists. These guys are no exception. Now, with their upcoming EP set for release later this month, the band have shared a new single.

I love the production on ‘The Psychopath Test’; the ambient noises we hear in the intro fill out the texture of the sound well. The cave-like reverb used on the vocals also gives us a slight essence of grunge which gives the track an edge that you don’t hear very often. The riffs race throughout, and the drum rhythm matches well, making the song tight and wholesome, and not at all sloppy.

‘The Psychopath Test’ is great track by a great band – it’s got heaps about it you can love, may it be the vocal hooks or the bellowing drums. This could easily be the band’s next hit tune.

Near Life Experience, the new EP from Thula Borah, is out 27 January via Kill Jester Records.

Jimmy Ingham