New Track: Twin Peaks – ‘Blue Coupe’

Whilst sustaining their signature retro style as demonstrated in their two previous albums, the Chicago based band Twin Peaks have revealed their new, more easygoing track ‘Blue Coupe’. Emerging after their previous albums Down in Heaven (2016) and Wild Onion (2014), the resonant punk inspired band have curved their way from heavy and turbulent anthems in their first album, to more charming and cordial mechanisms as we hear in their new track.

The beginning of Twin Peaks commenced when the duo between band member Cadien Lake James (vocals and guitarist) and his brother Hal split, due to Hal’s decision to join the Smith Westerns. Since the creation of Wild Onion, Twin Peaks have continued to produce music in company with the independent record label Grand Jury, after the prodigious performance at Pitchfork Festival in July 2014.

Twin Peaks have certainly consistently managed to encapsulate the semblance of 60s and 70s classic rock, inspiring from the likes of T. Rex, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones. However, there is something simple and fresh about ‘Blue Coupe’, where elements of civilised optimism are at the heart of the tune in contrast to their earlier work. The listener takes a nostalgic journey alongside the band as the song radiates warmth and invites a degree of elated bliss, essentially due to the layering of guitar and piano. Twin Peaks are a classic example of the ability to adapt perfectly from track to track between explicit fuzz and cheerful harmonisation.