New Track: Virgin Kids – ‘My Alone’

London based three-piece Virgin Kids have already tasted a huge level of success, as one will see from their Facebook page: they have won the 2020 Academy Award for ‘Best Actor’ and the 2021 Academy Award for ‘Best Supporting Actress’… So, one thing is clear – these lads enjoy a good laugh. But their latest track, ‘My Alone’, is definitely no laughing matter.

The track enters your ears in a majestically euphoric fashion, with vocals that float around your brain. The track is lifted even further when the speed increases due to the energetic pounding of the drums, followed by the heightening of the guitar. As the track progresses, the vocals in ‘My Alone’ are even more infectious, and the whole track nods towards the favourites of many, such as the likes of Fidlar and Twin Peaks.

It would appear Virgin Kids have tapped into a sound that is doing extremely well at the moment, as well as adding their own touches and filling it with their own unique charisma, which undoubtedly works in their favour.

Virgin Kid’s debut album Greasewheel is out March 14.


You can catch Virgin Kids in London on these dates:

February 10 – NME Awards Show w/Crows @The Black Heart, Camden

February 11 – The Montague Arms, Peckham

February 13 – w/Thee MVP’s, The Old Blue Last Shoreditch


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