New Track: White Fright – ‘Turning Pt. 1’

The connotations associated with a name like White Fright left me slightly anxious before listening to their debut track ‘Turning’, but I was clearly too quick to judge. The boys – Aaron, Samuel and Robert – have created a stunning debut with a sound that many bands take years to achieve.

White Fright gently introduce themselves to the world through a light guitar riff and, although it’s sometimes reminiscent of a Nokia ringtone, it’s perfectly polished. Transient melodies and passive but gritty vocals carry the track into its frenzical build-up, whilst being so deeply in touch with the moodiness and angst of modern day life.

Speaking about the track, the band explain that “Certain transitional periods in time evoke a rare emotion that combines both the excitement for the future and a longing for the safety of the past. ‘Turning’ was born out of one such feeling”. Everything about this statement is apparent in the track from how it sounds as a whole to each individual instrument; White Fright have clearly spent a lot of time fine-tuning every last detail.

After this more than pleasant break through, White Fright are definitely a band to keep your eye on as they seem to know where they want to be heading already. It’s not often you find a band with such slick production on their debut, so we’re left eager to hear what more the Suffolk trio have to offer.


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