NEW VIDEO: Michael Robert Murphy - Out Of Sight

NEW VIDEO: Michael Robert Murphy – Out Of Sight

The magnetic musical force of Michael Robert Murphy dropped his debut solo single Out Of Sight, released via Rabbit Hole Records, mid covid which was a welcome relief to many mixing sumptuous overly catchy lyrics, the sort of chord structures which are raved about for decades to come, Michael’s release away from the fuzz of his previous band Wicked Whispers proved that he is more than capable of going solo, which was a welcome sight for many of his fans.

Today he releases the video to accompany the track which is a mad capped mock up, or is it, of his only known video sighting on the David Letterman show with guests looking on including Harrison Ford and Mohammad Ali. Standing infront of a long black curtain with his cool Lennon Rubber Soul haircut with a Cold Turkey beard, Murphy looks the part and plays the part upfront of the camera, mixing Monkees silliness but with shades of refreshing dapperness.

If you enjoyed this fab track, and you should, you’ll no doubt be itching to hear more sounds from this Liverpudlian lyricist, with a promised EP coming soon plus a solo debut album the way for Murphy is the sky line, but is there a limit to his reachable heights? Time will tell.

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