NEWS: Flor and the Sea Release ‘A Candid Lie’

Munich based Indie/electropop duo Flor and the Sea, Marc Aretz (guitar/synth) and Chaem (vox) release new track A Candid Lie, from their Kings and Queens EP, due to follow in November. 

The sound of Flor and the Sea is ambient, buoyant and infectious. Take a deep dive beneath the stars, as the sounds and melancholia of the track embrace you and take you deep into a beautiful dream, while lifting you up with a bouyant and untrammelled optimism. A falling surrender and sense of abandon – like open water swimming, as sounds merge, with synth led electronic pulses to indie poetic vibrations imagining the delights of Portishead and echoes of Mew.

The characters in the video, both Aretz and Chaem – bounce around in fox and rabbit masks – further adding to their candid sense of abandon as they dance incognito amongst the crowd – in this rousing festival setting, with snippets of their band Flor and The Sea playing live on stage.

Beautiful haunting vocals are delivered by Chaem, ‘lights rushing by, a candid lie, so true, we knew. Still alive, no reason why we could, we should… dont let me fall, dont let me, dont let me fall…’ You emerge with this sense of surrender in a moment of abandon – embracing and uplifting all at once.

A Candid Lie, was produced at their Munich studio with Dieter Dolezel and mixed by Moritz Enders at the famous Tritonus Studio in Berlin.