NEWS: Four Classic KPM Library Funk Records

NEWS: Four Classic KPM Library Funk Records

Be With Records has worked with the hallowed KPM to re-issue four vital records from across the KPM 1000 Series and the much-loved Themes International. These records include some of the most innovative work from some of the most talented composers and musicians of the 20th century.

The All American Powerhouse

From the Lincoln Continental that memorably adorns the cover to the tranquil funk contained within, this glowing ode to the grooving force of 70s American soul music is ice cool all over. With brilliant contributions from the Three Key Alans™ (Hawkshaw, Parker, Tew) as well as Mike Moran, Les Hurdle and Keith Roberts, this is driving music for only the vibiest cats.

Originally released in 1976,  it’s one of the very best of the Themes library releases. A feast of dramatic jazz, horizontal, melodic funk and bouncing sunshine-y West-Coast feels throughout, there also lurks an intense injection of the Blaxploitation sound.

Visual Impact

Arguably the single greatest album in KPM history. An ensemble piece of staggeringly heavy works from none other than Brian Bennett, John Scott, Steve Gray, Jim Lawless and Johnny Pearson.

For our immense pleasure, it includes the insanely ace “Nuplex” by Brian Bennett, a nagging, sweeping, punchy funk piece that exists in a world of its own. If you don’t know, get to know – the record’s worth getting for this track alone.

Originally released in 1976 but wonderfully timeless, it’s a rare example of a library record that’s genuinely great listen from start to finish. Just too good…

The Hunter (Adventure Story) / Drama Suite

This true gem includes a raft of enjoyable sub-ten second incidental cues alongside satisfyingly stretched out, hard-knocking sleuth-funk. A real library-head’s library album, both sides are dripping with insidious grooves and dramatic spy-score themes.

Bursting with heavy guitars, swirling flutes, creeping piano-funk and drum breaks galore, it’s clear that these library heroes were heavily influenced by the tough funk and street soul sonics emerging from the cutting edge Blaxploitation soundtracks.

Breath Of Danger

A breaky, funky library great masquerading as a horror score. Oh, and the cover art is amazing.

Breath Of Danger was originally released in 1974, and rounded up a killer ensemble cast of library legends including Alan Hawkshaw, Brian Bennett, Alan Parker, David Lindup, Kenny Salmon, Barry Morgan and Ray Cooper.

There’s a widescreen vitality in all these tracks thanks to the driving rhythms, vibrant horn sections and blazing guitar work. It renders Breath Of Danger – 45 years old – truly ageless.

These 4 classic KPM reissues will be available via the Be With website

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