NEWS: Glastonbury Announces Shangri-La Theme

Following the first line-up announcement and the Eavis’ cryptic hints towards the Sunday night headliner, Glastonbury have announced this year’s theme for Shangri-La. The late night area (open from 6pm to 5am from Thursday to Sunday) will have a political theme, tying in with the upcoming election.

“Politics, Sholitics” will see the dystopian-influenced area transformed into a political after hours party: “After the flinchingly realistic horrors of last years Corporate Hell, this year Shangri-Hell has been occupied. Every office has been taken over by some of the 99% desperate for change. Each Nano-venue has become a political party, and everyone here has a point to make. There is nothing too silly or too serious to be said, there is only the process of activism, the skies filled with banners, the streets packed with protesters and placards.”

The news follows Michael Eavis’ appearance at the V&A Museum earlier this week, during which he announced that the third headliner will “probably be British” and that Chris Martin will be involved. Daughter Emily has since taken to Twitter to put out rumors that the act will be a Coldplay featuring supergroup, and that the penultimate act of the festival would be equally as impressive.

Glastonbury is now sold out and takes place from 23rd June, featuring performances from Foo Fighters, Kanye West, Florence + The Machine, Alt-J and Motorhead. The full line-up, including the final headliner, is set to be announced on 1st June.

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