NEWS: Michael Robert Murphy – Dry Those Tears new song

NEWS: Michael Robert Murphy – Dry Those Tears new song

After two quick fire first singles Liverpool’s Michael Robert Murphy drops his eagerly awaited debut EP ‘Metamorph’ October 9th 2020, which includes the emotionally charged ballad ‘Dry Those Tears’ and announces his first big hometown headline show May 14th 2021 at Arts Club, Liverpool.

After a hiatus since The Wicked Whispers last rang in our ears, one of Liverpool’s most respected songwriters finally graced us with news of a new solo project, almost sneaking in the backdoor with little fuss, kicking off with his debut single ‘Out Of Sight’ back in July. The track was a first look at how Michael could hold his own and gathered some wonderful critical praise and reactions. Follow up single ‘ Hollow World’ gets deeper and closer to the bone with more raw emotional intent, with Michael’s acceptance in wanting to write heartfelt, honest and imperfectly recorded songs with emotional connection to his music, capturing this quickly in the studio. The unfolding ‘Metamorph’ EP project clearly is all about a Lo-fi sound and the D.I.Y approach, organically building his future fan base but also creating an essential emotional outlet during this snapshot of where his life is at.

Third single, the folk / rock ballad ‘Dry Those Tears ’, is a dedication to his wife Natasha, whom has been and remains Michael’s ‘Muse’ and an inspiration throughout his signwriting years. In Michael’s eyes, true love that lasts must face some truths and working together even through the darkness. The track walks through this, facing these demons together. ‘No-matter how it seems from the outside looking in, there’s always darkness and a light to most things especially love. We’ve had our ups and downs, who hasn’t, but we’ve always stuck together and had each other’s back. It’s easy to walk away at the first hurdles sometimes. But I can say without a doubt, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be here.’ The track has echoes’ of Beck’s Sea Change, another open book and a personal approach, with the emotion of the acoustic guitar slowly swelling into an almost country / folk / rock ballad with a huge solo centerpiece. Less was certainly more, the opposite of how Michael would work in bands past.

The video for Dry Those Tears was filmed during the first Covid-10 Lockdown simply on an iPhone while Michael went jogging every morning. ‘I used to run alongside the River Mersey, from South Liverpool, all the way up to the Liver Buildings. Other times I ran around my local park [Calderstones] from my house which is perfectly sat in between the childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. So I filmed a lot of those journeys as I felt it would make a positive message to attach to the song. It’s also an obvious homage to my hometown of Liverpool, I love that about it, even The Beatles and The Liver Bird get a cameo in this! We’ve all faced our darkest fears in 2020, but we will come out fighting and stick together.

‘Metamorph’ was Co-produced by Alec Brits at The Cabin Studio In Liverpool late 2019/ early 2020. You can purchase the full EP here