NEWS: New Slowdive gold vinyl 12" single

NEWS: New Slowdive gold vinyl 12″ single

Sonic Catherdral are very proud to announce the release of a brand new single by Slowdive as part of the Sonic Cathedral Singles Club.

It’s a live recording of ‘Golden Hair’, recorded back in 2014, but mixed and mastered this year by Neil Halstead and Heba Kadry respectively. It is quite simply one of the most stunning things we’ve ever heard.

“It seemed appropriate as our first show back in 2014 was promoted by Nat at Sonic Cathedral,” explained the band in a social media post. “We ended our first set in 20 years with this song, and it has completed almost all of our sets ever since then.

 ‘Golden Hair’ will be released on gold vinyl 12” and will come in a gold mirrorboard sleeve. It will be released on November 14. The Sonic Cathedral Singles Club is an ongoing subscription service, which has already seen releases by Andy Bell (from Ride), Tanukichan, Bdrmm, Luna, Linda Guilala, Topographies, Buffalo Postcard, Perfect Body and Measured.

The single can be pre-orders from the Sonic Cathedral website

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