NEWS: The Bear Around Your Neck release latest single, ‘Reality Collapses’.

Manchester-based fuzz-rock duo release their latest single, ‘Reality Collapses’. A claustrophobic and somewhat haunting track that makes for a refreshingly different listening experience.

Choked full of fuzz and echo tinted guitar hooks and accompanied by harsh and pounding drums, the track sucks you into its own distorted world. This is only furthered once the brooding and distant vocals of front-man Nathaniel Scott come into the mix. These vocals grown into a frenzied scream as the chorus arrives. It’s only comparable to being pulled into a wonderful, musical “House of Mirrors”.

Speaking of his inspiration for the track, Nathanial took lead from: ‘(The) Self destructive nature of the human condition. From an emotional perspective, as opposed to an observational one. Everything has its breaking point. 

The single follows the release of 2019’s double single, ‘She Doesn’t Like Insects/Scare City’.

Stream, ‘Reality Collapses’ HERE.